Corrugated Steel, Bolted Tanks


Quality Control Steel tanks have 30-degree roofs. Quality Control Steel tanks consist of high strength corrugated and galvanized steel wall sheets with a 30-degree galvanized steel roof structure system. Quality Control Steel tanks are equipped with a geo-textile pre-liner and either a 30 mil. or 40 mil. flexible PVC potable or non-potable geo-membrane main liner depending on the size of the storage tank.

Quality Control Steel tanks are pre-engineered for water storage in a seismic zone 2B with a 115 MPH wind speed at a UBC Exposure C location. (Per Standard Design) Engineering for alternate seismic zones, wind speeds and custom designs are available upon request. Custom sizes are also available upon request if our model list does not meet your requirements.

Quality Control Steel tanks consist of high strength corrugated and galvanized steel panels which are bolted together on the project site. The wall sheets are curved for the specified tank radius and laser punched for connections to adjoining wall sheets. The roof panels are formed and manufactured to be bolted together creating a shell
structure roof system.

A geo-textile pre-liner is installed inside the tank foundation. This geo-textile pre-liner serves to protect the main water containment liner from damage. A factory-welded-seam (tested for accuracy), flexible membrane liner is then suspended inside of the tank structure and secured to the eave height of the tank for water containment. Geo-textile pre-liners are only included and supplied for commercial projects.

Connections of piping to the tank structure and liner is accomplished by the installation of penetration kits. (Supplied by Quality Control Steel) The outer penetration kit attaches to the structure or foundation and is sealed to the exterior or interior piping. The interior seal kit bolts through the liner and into the outer penetration kit to make the connection pressure fit and watertight.

Quality Control Steel has a large selection of sizes ranging from 12′ Diameter to 300′ diameter and starting at 3,000 gallons and going all the way to 6 million gallons and above.