Fire Protection Tanks


Quality Control Steel leads the field in the design and engineering of fire protection tanks for water storage. We produce dedicated reservoirs and water supply configurations and each tank is individually engineered for its application, whether commercial, industrial, or municipal. Fire protection tanks from Quality Control Steel can be manufactured according to National Fire Protection Association (NFPA-22), Factory Manual (FM), and American Water Works Association (AWWA) standards.

Quality Control Steel Tanks are often the most economical and longest lasting form of storage for fire protection water. Quality Control Steel Systems offer a huge range of approved tanks that conform to NFPA-22 requirements.

Quality Control Steel Tanks modular bolted design allows for a fast and easy installation in all types of weather and requires no field coating or welding. Our fire protection tanks can also be installed under-roofs if desired. Common accessories such as level indicators, ladders, platforms, walkways and access ports can be provided.
Our products range from standard fire protection tanks to more sophisticated reservoirs and multi-tank configurations that are designed to fit your specific needs. For combination process water/fire, Quality Control Steel can design and engineer tanks that provide process water and enough storage for fire protection.