Frac, Mining, Oil and Gas Tanks

Quality Control Steel’s Frac Water Tanks are modular, corrugated, bolted, galvanized steel systems for frac/produced water applications. There are many diameters and heights available to accommodate tight areas.

The tanks feature G115 galvanized coating. The modular design bolts together easily and requires less time to install than other systems. The tanks can be dismantled and moved from site to site.

Frac Water Tanks can be used to store water and brine for hydraulic fracturing well stimulation in shale gas applications. Steel Water Tanks can also be used to store produced water, which is mainly salty water trapped in reservoir rock and brought up along with oil or gas during production.

The installation of the Frac Water Tanks can be done either by the owner’s own forces, by a contractor trained in their installation, or by a trained Quality Control Steel installation crew. Quality Control Steel recommends that you bring out a Quality Control Steel installation crew for your first installation. Our installers will train your staff or the staff of your preferred contractor.


Capacity (U.S Gallons)
Weight ( Lbs)
Panel Size
Number of panels
138' Diameter138' dia x 11' high1,200,00041,90010' wide44" high46/ring level 138 total
96' Diameter96' dia x 11' high589,89619,50010' wide44" high30/ring level 90 total

The first level of wall panels is installed and then the next row of wall panels above that. The process then continues until the desired height is established. Quality Control Steel’s Liner is flexible enough to be prefabricated at our facility into large panels.
Products sold will meet Quality Control Steel’s published specifications. Any extended warranty required by the buyer must be negotiated at the time of order. Extended warranties may be available on this product and may be at extra cost. Full warranty details are available from Quality Control Steel.

Geomembranes should be inspected at least once per year for damage, stress, or any other detrimental condition. The entire containment area should be visually inspected annually. Quality Control Steel provides geomembrane maintenance services on request.